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Venganza de Valeria by AngelERenoir Venganza de Valeria by AngelERenoir

Pirates aboard Venganza de Valeria. Or Valeria's Vengeance. Excuse my botched Spanish.

Yay for a lady. But she's dead. And not in the main story at all :iconcriesplz: I know right? Shame on my gender, but I like drawing guys too much.

Aaand as you can see, wrecked attempt at steampunk style.

Venganza is Seven Deadly Sins' sister ship, and the previous captain is sort of friends with Deadly Sins' captain, so the two ships' have some sort of friendly rivalry kind of thing going on.

Well, sort of. Until Captain Eduardo took over. He had his own thing going on so Venganza lost contact with Deadly Sins. They didn't suddenly start fighting each other or anything. Just... distant. Captain Ed is the one who started calling the ship Venganza, btw. Ship used to be called Morning Star.

'kay. About the crew depicted here.

Captain Eduardo Mantolla: I wanted to make him look like Zorro. Or Dread Pirate Roberts. Behold. I wanted to make a nudge at Blackbeard (whose real name is Edward Teach, in case you don't know that), but ended up having an entirely different vision of the character so I changed it. Still called him Eduardo anyway.

First Mate Gwendal Baumgartner: Er. Um. Right now the only thing I can say is "I hope he doesn't look too much like a certain floppy vampire I am kinda notorious for". What? Gwendal is too a legit Germanic name.

Fala "Sleepy Priest" Kain: He gets called that because his narrow eyes makes him look sleepy and he recites prayers every time someone is dead, be it a crew member or the enemy or random passerby. That eyepatch thingy is a monocle. Of sorts. He has VERY bad eyesight on one eye, so he needs that to see properly.

Random geometric designs: The beads on Fala's necklace. Each shape has a different colour and meaning.

Valeria: As I said, she's dead. Anyways. The namesake of the ship's new name. Previously the Master Gunner on board.
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