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Merry Creepsmas - AM sig version by AngelERenoir Merry Creepsmas - AM sig version by AngelERenoir
Uma and Nox: We want cake! :iconhungrylaplz::iconcaikplz:
Stella: Not before dinner, kids :icononionbingoplz:
Yemite: What is "cake"? :iconcuriousonionplz:
Te'ijal: I'm VERY surprised to see you again, Rhen.
Edward: Wow, are you really the famous Rhen Pendragon who defeated Ahriman?
Rhen: Er, yeah... long story, Te'ijal. And I don't know if I'm famous and all, Edward, but I did defeat Ahriman.
Agas: It's been a very long time, Gyendal. How are you?
Gyendal: ..... Right now I'm trying to get used to the idea that you are actually still alive and that you're Mordred's great-grandfather :icondizzy-plz:
Saurva:*glares at the snowSaurva* Who made this thing? :iconguaahplz:
Varhal: Ah, so you are our son and daughter-in-law. Nice to meet you two.
Mel: Er, yeah... Nice to meet you too father-in-law :icondotdotdotzplz:
Galahad: :iconawkwardplz: (wants to ask how are Varhal and Leno still alive even though they're not vampires, but doesn't want to be rude)
Yeah... Merry Creepsmas... Whatever...

Also the Darkthrops' family reunion. As in the super-extended family reunion, and that means including the Pendragon and Ravenfoot side of the family (look at the family tree [link] if you're confused). Only the ones I care enough about because there's not enough space to cram in all the random Darkthrops, dangit! Rashnu's there because he's the host. What? That's his cathedral they're borrowing for the venue, thank you very much. Rashnu's cathedral is NOT the dark church where Gyendal held his evil meetings. That's the Town Council Hall. It's a different place because D_A says so. And Yemite the "family pet"/royal babysitter is there because we all know she won't leave Mel.

How Varhal and Leno are still alive after 8 centuries? They wandered into Sheian Lyr. Somehow. The D_A fanon says witches and warlocks are "evil" enough to be fine in Demon Realm, so Varhal's good to go. So is Gyendal, if he ever wants to go there. Leno is not a witch, but she's fine because...? She has "citizenship" like Rhen (yeah, bear with this weird explanation for now).

Agas was Gyendal's BFF back when he and Te'i are still n00b vamps, and at that was the time he first called himself "[insert weird first name here] Darkthrop". Of course, neither Gy nor Te'i knows that he's... what he is, so yeah, that's why Gy is kinda surprised. Agas was claiming to be a warlock back then, and as old as witches and warlocks get, they DON'T reach 800+ years.

The guy with the sun druid robes is Dameon's daddy, in case you didn't see the family tree yet. We're pretending that all the druids are still active and still has their immortality, which is why Talia and Eithera are still there. Dameon's daddy is there because... he took over as Sun Guardian again after Dameon got married and he's not really dead in my AU. And so Dameon's angry at his mom for nothing :iconlaughingplz: (poor Talia). Akoman (that is, Dameon's dad's name) just PRETENDED to be dead because whatever Talia did to him woke him up from his delusion and went into hiding so Ahriman would not go looking for him. During AV1 he's the guy calling himself "Derez" :woohoo: The real Derez is and has always been stationed in the Underworld (he's the Necromancer guild master you see in AV2). Yay for complicated Fanon! Someday I really should chronicle everything properly because this is just... way out of hand. Is this, like, an entirely new Aveyond series on itself or what?

Credit to :iconteiraven: for the term "Merry Creepsmas" from her Ye Olde Christmas comic [link]
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TNBProductions Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
AHAHAHHA I WANNA FAVE THIS 1000 times over... I like Uma and Nox
KageToraNoTsume Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011
I am laughing so hard right now you have no idea...!
This is amazing. X3 Your fanon amuses me so~
And is it just me or does Galahad look...vamped. (Tei is either very convincig, or swapped the wine for blood.... XD)
AngelERenoir Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Yes he IS vamped. Haven't you seen the "Congratulations for Amaranthia Royal Wedding" video? He's been a vampire since, and this party happens after that one. Te'ijal swapped the blood inside the bottled blood for human blood, much to Galahad's horror.

Or rather, warlock blood, but it counts all the same. Gyendal "donated" some blood Te'ijal to prank Galahad.
KageToraNoTsume Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011
*goes to look it up*
HOW did I MISS this?!
AngelERenoir Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Quick link in case you can't find it: [link]
TeiRaven Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
oh my goddess, you remember the Creepmas comic? XD XD XD

(and is THAT what you did to Derez? XD)

(also, i see your AM avatar is Christmas Zarich from the TDP beta XD XD XD brilliant!)
AngelERenoir Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Student Digital Artist
ETA: Why does DevArt not have an edit button for comments?

Anyways. I forgot I also posted the weird Saurva picture here. In case you haven't seen it yet: [link]
AngelERenoir Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Oh, I definitely do. As well as the Thanksgiving one. I have both saved in my computer to LOL at, in fact :D The only one I do not have is the Saint Patrick one, unless I remembered wrong and that one wasn't actually made by you? :P I saw it in the ye olde purple site, I believe, before I registered. It's been too long to remember.

"That"? Which "that"? The fact that he's the necromancer guild master in the Underworld or the fact that AV1's Derez is Dameon's father in disguise? :XD: Either way, yes I did that :D Derez is part of Nanghaithya's clone army and he's the guild master in Underworld :woohoo:

Yes, my AM avatar is Christmas Zarich because Christmas Zarich is awesome. I mean, I was about to use it in my reunion video, but a year later and still no video, so I had to use him SOMEWHERE just because. Though if you still remember, the room, the table, and all the other decorations in the scene comes from that Reunion Video. I almost lost interest in that video because it just takes too long to make and at some point I randomly decided to change my AV daevas' face (as in fluffy Agas and the rest of his team is not the Aveyond daevas anymore). If you go to the Avvie and Siggie thread, a few posts before my Christmas set, you'll see what I've done to Saurva. It's just... A big mess. A funny mess that somehow made more sense to me than the old one :icondignitylaughplz:
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